but mostly I just play fetch

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I'm Dora
p nerdy and v cute

I'm dating a Bear and a Badger.
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I post a lot/most of my drawings and doodles here.
I do the youtubes sometimes.
I also have a few lovely dolls~

I have three silly kitties called Artemis, Luna, and Diana. (Although Luna &Artie live at my nan's now :c)
I have two small bears (that pretends to be dogs) called Lily & Dany, and a tiny fox (that thinks he's a dog) called Ollie.

we might be taking some of our fur babies to a “animal encounter” day at one of the local he groups 8D

it’d be really fun, and I’m sure the kid’s love meeting one of the chinchillas!

plus, it’s been forever since I’ve done anything with the he groups (tbh I’m 21 now, so it’s not all that surprising) and I miss ‘em!

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